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Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe: Tribal Laws

Confirmed Current on February 16, 2011

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Table of Contents

Animal Control Ordinance Enacted 6/10/2007

Article 1. General Provisions
Article 2. Administration and Enforcement
Article 3. Animal Control
Article 4. Civil Infractions
Article 5. Enforcement Procedures

Budget Ordinance Enacted 07/5/2006

Article 1.
Article 2. Budget process
Article 3. Reporting

Burial Fund Ordinance Enacted 11/15/2006

Article 1. - General Provisions
Article 2. - Establishment of Burial Fund
Article 3. - Tribal Burial Benefit

Children and Vulnerable Adults Protection Ordinance Enacted 12/11/2007

Civil Removal / Exclusion Procedures Ordinance Enacted 05/03/1985

Chapter 1. Scope
Chapter 2. Definitions
Chapter 3. Grounds for Removal / Exclusion
Chapter 4. Starting an Exclusion Action
Chapter 5. Exclusion Hearing Panel
Chapter 6. Dismissal by Hearing Panel
Chapter 7. Order for Temporary Removal / Exclusion
Chapter 8. Emergency Removals
Chapter 9. Hearings Before the Tribal Council
Chapter 10. Appeal
Chapter 11. Severability

Council Policies and Procedures (for Resolution Submissions and Presentations to Tribal Council) Enacted 09/19/2006

Election Ordinance Enacted 9/11/2010

Article 1. General provisions
Article 2. General election
Article 3. Election Board
Article 4. Notice of the general elections
Article 5. Eligibility to vote and registration
Article 6. Candidacy
Article 7. Ballot preparation
Article 8. Voting
Article 9. Results of election
Article 10. Election protest
Article 11. Electioneering disruption of elections prohibited
Article 12. Retained legislative authorities
Article 13. Installation of new Council Members
Election Notice 2010 Part 1
Election Notice 2010 Part 2
Election Vote Count 12-01-10

Enrollment Ordinance Enacted 7/10/2005

Amendment to Enrollment Ordinance Approved 06/07/2006

Evictions Ordinance Enacted 05/20/2005

Ch. 1. General provisions
Ch. 2. Unlawful detainer
Ch. 3. Eviction procedure

Family Code Enacted 10/14/1987; amended 3/23/1989

Chapter 1.1. Purpose (reserved)
Chapter 1.2. Jurisdiction
Chapter 1.3. Transfers of jurisdiction
Chapter 1.4. Definitions
Chapter 1.5. The Family Court
Chapter 1.6. Social Services staff
Chapter 1.7. Indian Child Welfare worker
Chapter 1.8. Indian Child Welfare Committee
Chapter 1.9. Presenting officer
Chapter 1.10. Guardian ad litem
Chapter 1.11. Confidentiality
Chapter 1.12. Service
Chapter 1.13. Continuances
Chapter 1.14. Contempt
Chapter 1.15. Right of parties
Chapter 1.16. Sovereign immunity
Chapter 1.17. Recognition of other Courts' orders
Chapter 1.18. Severability
Chapter 2.1. Starting a youth in need of care action
Chapter 2.2. First hearing regarding youths placed out of home
Chapter 2.3. Fact finding hearings
Chapter 2.4. Disposition
Chapter 3.1. General provisions
Chapter 3.2. Starting an action to appoint guardian
Chapter 4.1. General provisions
Chapter 4.2. Criminal actions
Chapter 4.3. Civil actions - protective orders

General Committee and Ad-Hoc Board Ordinance Enacted 01/2/2007

Guardianship Ordinance Enacted12/10/2007

Section 1. Purpose
Section 2. Definitions
Section 3. Meetings
Section 4. Persons to Whom Guardians May be Appointed
Section 5. How a Guardian is Appointed
Section 6. Duties of a Guardian
Section 7. Termination of Guardianship
Section 8. Liability of a Guardianship
Section 9. Right to Counsel
Section 10. Bond
Section 11. Guardianship Oversight Committee

Housing Ordinance Enacted 05/19/2005

Chapter 1. General provisions
Chapter 2. Housing Committee appointment and removal
Chapter 3. Meetings
Chapter 4. Housing Committee powers and responsibilities
Chapter 5. Housing Department Director
Chapter 6. Delinquency, breach, and termination
Housing Application

Hunting and Fishing

2010-2011 Hunting Regulations

Indian Preference Ordinance Enacted 11/10/2007

Article 1.
Article 2.
Article 3. Purposes and interpretation
Article 4. Jurisdiction
Article 5. Indian employment preference policy
Article 6. Grievances

Law and Order Code Enacted 6/15/1984; last amended 8/10/2006

Chapter 1. General provisions
Chapter 2. Tribal Justice System
Chapter 3. General rules of Court
Chapter 4. Rules of criminal procedure
Chapter 5. Crimes
Supplement to Law and Order code

Motor Pool

Employee Vehicle Request Form

Nuisance Ordinance Enacted 10/20/2009

Policies and Procedures Applicable to the Sauk-Suiattle Native Employment Works Program (NEW Program)
Approved by Resolution # 12/23A/07

Retail Sales Tax Enacted 10/12/2008

Section 1.010 Title
Section 1.020 Purpose and Scope
Section 1.030 Reservation of Right
Section 1.040 Authority
Section 1.050 Definitions
Section 1.060 General Sales Tax Imposed
Section 1.070 Exempt Sales
Section 1.080 Collection and Remittance of Taxes
Section 1.090 Revenue Distribution
Section 1.100 Enforcement
Section 1.110 Penalties for Late Filing or Late Payment
Section 1.120 Repealer
Section 1.130 Severability
Section 1.140 Sovereign Immunity
Section 1.150 Effective Date

Rules of the Court of Appeals Adopted 8/10/2006

Section 1. Aggrieved Party May Appeal
Section 2. Appeal, How Taken
Section 3. Appeal, When Taken
Section 4. Stay of Execution
Section 5. Hearings and Continuances
Section 6. The Record on Appeal
Section 7. Powers of the Appellate Court
Section 8. Brief of an Amicus Curiae

Traffic Code Adopted 8/20/2004

SubCh. 1. General provisions
SubCh. 2. Definitions
SubCh. 3. Civil traffic infraction procedure
SubCh. 4. Requirements for drivers
SubCh. 5. Vehicle safety equipment - condition and use
SubCh. 6. Vehicle travel - rules of the road
SubCh. 7. Motorcycles
SubCh. 8. Pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles
SubCh. 9. Property damage - materials on the road - accidents
SubCh. 10. Accident reports, stolen and abandoned vehicles
SubCh. 11. Enforcement

Tribal Council Code of Ethics Adopted 5/07/2004

Tribal Council Policy Procedures Adopted 9/19/06

Tribal Council Removal Ordinance Adopted 12/24/07

Section 1. Authority
Section 2. Purpose
Section 3. Definitions
Section 4. Automatic Removal
Section 5. Removal by Tribal Council
Section 6. Removal by General Membership
Section 7. Appointment of Replacement

Tribal Debt Collection Ordinance Adopted 12/10/2007

United States Code and Regulations: http://uscode.house.gov/lawrevisioncounsel.shtml

Washington State Code and Rules http://www1.leg.wa.gov/LawsAndAgencyRules/

Forms: Education

Tribal Scholarship Fund Application
Computer Purchase Policy for Member Education

Forms: Employment

Employment Application
Employment Application Supplemental for Police

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