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Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Tribal Code - Resolutions

Dated: 2008-2010

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Table of Contents: Resolutions      

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska: Resolutions

Resolution 08-84: Northern Ponca Housing Authority Compensation for Commissioners

Resolution 09-01: Infection / Disease Control Specialist Contract Funding

Resolution 09-02: United Way of the Midlands Grant Application Continuation

Resolution 09-03: Tribal Management Grant Application

Resolution 09-04: Family Violence Prevention and Services: Program Funding

Resolution 09-05: Ponca Tribal Court Enhancement Funding Grant

Resolution 09-06: Intertribal Bison Cooperative: Petition for Federal Charter

Resolution 09-07: Approval of Applicants to Tribal Rolls

Resolution 09-08: Ponca Library Support Funds: Library Service Grants

Resolution 09-09: Roads Construction

Resolution 09-10: Health and Human Services Filing Authority

Resolution 09-11: Minority Health Initiative Grant

Resolution 09-12: Challenge Cost Share Program

Resolution 09-13: Family Violence Prevention and Services Proposition

Resolution 09-14: Apporval of Applicants to Tribal Rolls

Resolution 09-15: ARRA Road Projects and Contracting Specifications

Resolution 09-16: ARRA Designations and Compliance

Resolution 09-17: Roads and Transportation Priorities

Resolution 09-18: Midwest Child Implementation Center - Title IV-B Grant Funds

Resolution 09-19: Grant Continuance: Reproductive Health

Resolution 09-20: Support for Nibrara River Access

Resolution 09-21: Census Bureau Office Partnerships

Resolution 09-22: Tribal Council Member Financial Authorization: NPHA 1st Bank Norfolk (1)

Resolution 09-23: Tribal Council Member Financial Authorization: NPHA Elkhorn Valley Bank

Resolution 09-24: Tribal Council Member Financial Authorization NPHA 1st Bank of Norfolk (2)

Resolution 09-25: Tribal Council Member Financial Authorization NPHA 1st Bank of Norfolk (3)

Resolution 09-26: Energy Efficiency and Block Grant Prgm: ARRA 2009

Resolution 09-27: Approval of Applicants to Tribal Rolls

Resolution 09-28: Support of IHS Special Diabetes Program 4/09 - 3/10

Resolution 09-29: Support of Grant Application "Elder Day Diabetes Screenings"

Resolution 09-30: Authorization of Submission - 12th Year Indian Housing Plan

Resolution 09-31: Support of Grant Application: IHS "Health Promotion and Disease Prevention"

Resolution 09-32: Request to BIA for Budget Training and Assistance

Resolution 09-33: Department of Education Filing Authority

Resolution 09-34: Integrated Resource Management Resource Plan Adoption

Resolution 09-35: Planning and Management Funding Request to BIA

Resolution 09-36: Federal Transit Administration Grant Authority to File

Resolution 09-37: Environmental Protection Agency Funding

Resolution 09-38: BIA Budgets and Funding

Resolution 09-39: Joint Venture Const Prgm: Approval of Preapplication Submission

Resolution 09-40: Approval of Applicants to Tribal Rolls

Resolution 09-41: Jason O'Malley Program Approval

Resolution 09-42: Ponca Virtual "Trail of Tears" Planning Grant

Resolution 09-43: Trees for Neb. Towns Grant Application

Resolution 09-44: PTN Law and Order Code Amendments

Resolution 09-45: NCIA Membership and Delegates

Resolution 09-46: Planning Funding to Support Tranportation Planner Position

Resolution 09-47: Construction at Fred LeRoy Health and Wellness Center

Resolution 09-48: Agree to Participate in P.L. 103-413

Resolution 09-49: Approval of PEDCO Articles of Incorporation

Resolution 09-50: Cooperation and Jurisdictional Agreement Addendum PTN / Carter Lake

Resolution 09-51: Support of Grant Application / Dept ofHealth and Human Services

Resolution 09-52: Support of Domestic Viloence Grant Application

Resolution 09-53: Corporation for National and Community Service Planning Grant

Resolution 09-54: Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Planning Grant

Resolution 09-55; 2010 Fiscal Year Indirect Cost Rate Proposal

Resolution 09-56: Building Codes and Zoning - Carter Lake La

Resolution 09-57: IHS Contract Approval 2010

Resolution 09-58: NE Dept of Health and Human Service Contract Amend

Resolution 09-59: SPF-SIG Grant

Resolution 09-60: Honorary Membership

Resolution 09-61: Approval of Applicants

Resolution 09-62: VariVolkenberg

Resolution 09-63: Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs Recognition

Resolution 09-64: Maternal Child Health Services Grant Support

Resolution 10-01: In Support of Grant Application to Health and Human Services

Resolution 10-02: In Support of Grant Application to State of Nebraska

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