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Blue Lake Rancheria Ordinances

Received: 2003

ORDINANCE No. 09-2000


The Business Council of the Blue Lake Rancheria, empowered by the tribal Constitution to enact ordinances, hereby ordains the following

§1. Basis of Jurisdiction

A court or other judicial forum of the Tribe may exercise jurisdiction on any basis not inconsistent with the Constitution of the Tribe or the United States.

§2. Rancheria Defined

For the purposes of exercising jurisdiction, the term "Blue Lake Rancheria"shall be deemed to include all territory within the tribe's jurisdiction, consistent with the Constitution of the Tribe.

§3. Affiliated Indian Country Defined

a. Affiliated Indian Country means all lands outside the exterior boundaries of the Blue Lake Rancheria held in trust by the United States--

i. for the benefit of individual tribal members; or

ii. within the tribe's regulatory, environmental and economic zone of influence and to which the Tribe has historical connections.

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