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Minnesota Chippewa Tribe - Leech Lake Band - Tribal Code


Title 3. Child and Family Protection
3-28. Appeals

LLOjibwe JCT3 CFC § 3-28
3-28. Appeals

A. Who Can Appeal

Any party to a children's court hearing may appeal a final court order.

B. Appeals Procedure

All appeals from proceedings under this Code shall be heard pursuant to Leech Lake Rules of Procedure, Title 2, Part VIII except to the extent that any Rule of Procedure is in direct conflict with the express provisions of the Title 3. In such a case other provisions of this Title shall prevail.

Resolution No. 03-62, presented and acted upon on December 23, 2002.

Leech Lake Ojibwe Jud. Code, T. 3, Child & Fam. Protect. Code § 3-28, LLOjibwe JCT3 CFC § 3-28

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