Wash. Rev. Code § 13.70.020

Revised Code of Washington

Title 13. Juvenile Courts and Juvenile Offenders

Chapter 13.70. Substitute Care of Children--Review Board System

§ 13.70.020. Role of supreme court--Procedures

The supreme court is requested to:

(1) Establish and approve policies and procedures for the creation, recruitment, and operation of local citizen substitute care review boards;

(2) Approve and cause to have conducted training programs for board members;

(3) Provide consultation services on request to the boards;

(4) Establish reporting procedures to be followed by the boards to provide data for the evaluation of this chapter;

(5) Monitor the boards to ensure the impartiality of reviews and consistency of review standards throughout the state;

(6) Employ staff and provide for support services for the boards which shall be provided with staff through the local juvenile court in accordance with guidelines and procedures established by the supreme court;

(7) Direct the administrator for the courts to carry out duties prescribed by the supreme court relating to the administration of this chapter;

(8) Submit a report to the governor, the appropriate committees of the legislature, and the public on January 1, 1991, and biennially thereafter. The report shall address the following issues:

(a) State laws, policies, and practices affecting permanence and appropriate care for children in the custody of the department and other agencies;

(b) Whether the boards are effective in bringing about permanence and appropriate care for children in the custody of the department and other agencies; and

(c) Whether adequate resources are available to permit the department to make reasonable efforts to keep families together.

(9) Adopt rules regarding:

(a) Procedures for providing written notice of the review to the department, any other child placement agency directly responsible for supervising the placement of the child, the child's parents and their attorneys, the child's legal custodians and their attorneys, mature children and their attorneys, the court-appointed attorney and guardian ad litem of any child, any prosecuting attorney or attorney general actively involved in the case, and the child's Indian tribe if the child is an Indian as defined in the Indian child welfare act, 25 U.S.C. 1901, et seq. The notice shall include advice that persons receiving a notice may participate in the review and be accompanied by a representative;

(b) Procedures for removing members from the board for nonparticipation or other good cause.


[1989 1st ex.s. c 17 § 4.]

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