OR R COOS CURRY Rule 9.082
Coos Curry Counties Local Rules, Rule 9.082
Coos/Curry Counties Local Rules
Protective Proceedings

Rule 9.082. In General

(1) For proceedings involving minors, the petition must contain a statement whether the Indian Child Welfare Act ("ICWA") applies. If it does, then the petition must comply with the requirements of the Act. ORS 125.025(2).

(2) One protective proceeding may cover a husband and wife, if both meet the legal requirements for a protective order, or all minor siblings, as long as the same fiduciary or fiduciaries are to be appointed for all the protected people in the matter. Joint petitions for appointment of conservator and guardian or for temporary and permanent guardian are also allowed.

(3) An original and duplicate copy of all petitions seeking appointment of fiduciaries is required.

[Effective February 1, 2011.]
Coos Curry Counties Local Rules, Rule 9.082, OR R COOS CURRY Rule 9.082
  Current with amendments received through 02/1/2011
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