Okla. Stat. § 7505-3.1

Oklahoma Statutes

Title 10. Children

Chapter 75. Oklahoma Adoption Code

Article 5. Adoption Proceedings

Part 3. Petitions for Adoption

§ 7505-3.1. Contents

A. A petition for adoption shall be verified by the petitioner, and shall specify:

1. The full names, ages and places of residence of the petitioner or petitioners and, if married, the place and date of the marriage;

2. When the petitioner acquired or intends to acquire custody of the minor and from what person or agency custody is to be acquired;

3. The date, place of birth, gender and race of the minor;

4. The name used for the minor in the proceeding and, if a change in name is desired, the new name requested;

5. That it is the desire of the petitioner that the relationship of parent and child be established between the petitioner and the minor;

6. A full description and statement of value of all property owned or possessed by the minor, if any;

7. The name or relationship of the minor to any individual who has executed a consent, extrajudicial consent for adoption or a permanent relinquishment to the adoption, and the name or relationship to the minor of any individual whose consent, extrajudicial consent for adoption or permanent relinquishment may be required, and any fact or circumstance that may excuse the lack of consent;

8. That a previous petition by the petitioner to adopt has or has not been made in any court, and its disposition;

9. That a copy of the preplacement home study completed pursuant to subsection A of Sections 7505-5.1 and 7505-5.3 of this title is attached to or filed with the petition. If the preplacement home study has not been completed, the petition shall specify that a waiver has been signed by a court pursuant to subsection B of Section 7505-5.1 of this title, and that a copy of the waiver is attached to or filed with the petition; or shall include a statement regarding why the preplacement home study is not required pursuant to subsection C of Section 7505-5.1 of this title; or shall specify that the minor is not yet in the physical custody of the petitioner;

10. Whether any other home study or professional custody evaluation has been conducted regarding one or both of the petitioners, whether performed for this adoption or for any other purpose. If such a study or evaluation has been completed, a copy of the study or evaluation shall be attached to the petition, if reasonably available;

11. A description of any previous court order, litigation or pending proceeding known to the petitioner concerning custody of or visitation with the minor or adoption of the minor and any other fact known to the petitioner and needed to establish the jurisdiction of the court;

12. The county in which the minor is currently residing, the places where the minor has lived within the last five (5) years and the name and present addresses, if known, of the persons with whom the minor has lived during that period, and the name of any person, if known, not a party to the proceeding who has physical custody of the minor or claims to have custody or visitation rights with respect to the minor; and

13. A statement that to the best of the petitioner's actual knowledge and belief, as of the date of filing, the minor is or is not an Indian child, as defined by the Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Act, [FN1] and identification of the minor's known or suspected Indian tribe, if any.

B. Any written consent, extrajudicial consent for adoption or permanent relinquishment required by the Oklahoma Adoption Code [FN2] may be attached to the petition, or may be filed, after the filing of the petition.


Laws 1957, p. 24, § 12; Laws 1994, c. 122, § 2, eff. July 1, 1994. Renumbered from Title 10, § 60.12 and amended by Laws 1997, c. 366, §§ 24, 58, eff. Nov. 1, 1997; Laws 1998, c. 415, § 19, emerg. eff. June 11, 1998.

[FN1] Title 10, § 40 et seq.

[FN2] Title 10, § 7501-1.1 et seq.

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