Okla. Stat. § 40.9

Oklahoma Statutes

Title 10. Children

Chapter 1B. Indian Child Welfare Act

§ 40.9. Records

The Department of Human Services shall establish a single location where all records of every involuntary foster care, pre-adoptive placement and adoptive placement by the courts of any Indian child in the custody of the Department of Human Services or under Department of Human Services supervision will be available within seven (7) days of a request by the tribe of the Indian child or by the Secretary of Interior. The records shall include, but not be limited to, all reports of the state caseworker, including a summary of the efforts to rehabilitate the parents of the Indian child, a list of the names and addresses of families and tribally approved homes contacted regarding placement, and a statement of reason for the final placement decision.


Laws 1982, c. 107, § 10, emerg. eff. April 6, 1982.

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