JColo. R. Juv. P. 1

Colorado Revised Statutes

Title 19. Children's Code

Related Court Rules

Chapter 28. Colorado Rules of Juvenile Procedure

Part One. Applicability

Rule 1. Scope of Rules [FN1]

These rules govern proceedings brought in the juvenile court under Title 19,  8B C.R.S. (1987 Supp.), also hereinafter referred to as the Children's Code.  All statutory references herein are to the Children's Code as amended. Proceedings are civil in nature and where not governed by these rules or the procedures set forth in Title 19, 8B C.R.S. (1987 Supp.), shall be conducted according to the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure.  Proceedings in delinquency shall be conducted in accordance with the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure, except as otherwise provided by statute or by these rules.

[FN1]  Suggested title added by Publisher.

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