Alaska Admin. Code tit. 7, § 56.350

Alaska Administrative Code

Title 7. Health and Social Services

Part 4. Children's Services and Juvenile Justice

Chapter 56. Child Placement Agencies

Article 4. Services Related to the Decision to Place a Child

7 AAC 56.350. Emergency and respite placement.

(a) In emergency situations necessitating immediate foster or residential care, the agency shall

(1) give first consideration to placing a non-Indian child with an extended family member;

(2) in the case of an Indian child, follow the placement preference requirements of 25 U.S.C. 1915, and

(3) initiate the intake evaluation required by 7 AAC 56.320 and development of the service plan required by 7 AAC 56.340 within one week of placement.

(b) In a respite care placement an agency shall give consideration to continuity for the child, including placement with a family member or placement with a foster or residential facility specializing in respite care or special services that meet the needs of the child.

(c) At or before the child's placement under emergency or respite conditions, an agency shall identify any immediate and specific needs of the child being placed, including therapeutic or medical needs, that will not be met by the family member or established foster or residential care services, and the plan for meeting those needs.

(d) The evaluation and service plan required by (a)(3) of this section must be completed within 30 days of placement. Upon completion of the evaluation and service plan, the agency shall review the child's current placement setting and shall transfer the child, if necessary, to a more appropriate placement setting in accordance with the service plan.

(e) In an emergency situation an agency may place a child immediately in an applicant's home for a foster home licensure if the provisions of 7 AAC 56.560(e) are met and the agency determines that it is in the child's best interest to place the child in the applicant's home.

(Eff. 1/1/2001, Register 156)

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