Worldwide Premiere of NARF's New Short Documentary Trailer

"Modern Day Warriors"

Filmmaker: Jenni Monet (Laguna)
The Indian Wars Never Ended
Popular culture and media would have us believe that the Indian Wars Ended in the 1890's with tragic battles such as that at Wounded Knee.  However, the wars against Native peoples, their traditional cultural and spiritual lifeways and their simple right to exist have never stopped.  The Indian Wars Never Ended-they merely shifted and changed to new battlegrounds, with new tactics and weapons being utilized. 
In the 1960's the Indian Wars erupted and gained attention within the context of the larger civil rights movement.  From Alcatraz, to the Fish Wars in the Northwest, Wounded Knee and the Longest Walk-Native people from coast to coast took a stand for tribal sovereignty and their treaty and civil rights.  NARF was borne out this remarkable era of direct action and social and political change.  NARF joined the many other Modern Day Warriors defending Native rights by taking these battles to the courts.  As a result, NARF helped to win some of the most significant legal battles for the rights of Native peoples in modern history since its founding in 1970. 
NARF-Modern Day Legal Warriors
In the spirit of great warriors such as Sitting Bull, Geronimo and Chief Joesph to all those men, women, Elders, youth and children who have taken a stand to defend Native peoples, NARF continues its legal work in the 21st Century.  As Moder Day Warriors, NARF is committed to honor and carry on this tireless struggle to attain justice for Native Americans and ensure a brighter, stronger future for the generations yet to come.  Today, NARF remains as busy and vigiliant as ever.  NARF currently has a range of cases, projects and issues that it is working on to defend Native rights.  From addressing to the devastating impact of global warming on Native Alaskans to voting rights, water rights, Indian Child Welfare, to ensuring government accountability on Indian Trust Fund misamanagement to assisting tribes with major issues in the higher Courts, NARF continues to work tirelessly to ensure justice in Indian Country.  The coming year will certainly prove to be yet another busy and important year for major battles and issues impacting Native peoples across Indian Country.
NARF Needs Your Support-Be a Modern Warrior
Despite the victories and gains made over the last four decades, much work remains.  Without the generosity and support of thousands of people, tribes, foundations and corporations, NARF's non-profit work to defend the rights of Native peoples could not continue on.  Please consider making a 100% tax deductible contribution to support our ongoing work to be Modern Day Warriors for Native peoples.  Please join NARF and Help Us Continue to Stand Firm for Justice.