How Can You Support the Struggle for Justice?

Right now, you can donate online. You also may donate by mail or fax using our printable donation form (pdf).

Donate by phone by calling (303) 447-8760 between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm (MST) Monday through Friday. Ask for the Development Department.

The Native American Rights Fund greatly appreciates the support of those who share our commitment to the rights of individual Indians and tribes. In addition to making a donation to NARF, there are many other ways to support our work. Some options include:

Circle of Life (Planned Giving)

Circle of Life members provide a lasting legacy to the Native American Rights Fund by including NARF in estate planning or deferred gifts. The circle is an important symbol to Native Americans representing unity, strength and the eternal continuity of life. These lasting gifts help ensure the future of NARF and our Indian clients nationwide. Making a bequest not only is a sign of benevolence, but also is the mark of your desire to help shape the future.  Along with significant tax benefits, you'll gain a kind of immortality that can't be achieved any other way.  Discover your planned giving options.

Why contribute to NARF?

Since 1971, the Native American Rights Fund has provided legal assistance to Indian tribes, organizations and individuals nationwide who may have otherwise gone without adequate representation. NARF has successfully asserted and defended the most important rights of Indians and tribes in hundreds of major cases, and has achieved significant results in such critical areas as tribal sovereignty, treaty rights, natural resource protection, and Indian education.

Our work depends entirely upon the generosity of our donors. Wacantognaka, the Lakota word for generosity, means to contribute to the well-being of one's people and all life by sharing and giving freely. The tradition of giving is a core value held by Native Americans. We invite you to participate in this tradition by contributing to the Native American Rights Fund. With your support, NARF can continue to successfully carry out its mission of achieving justice on behalf of Native Americans.

Otu’han Gifts (Tribute and Memorial Giving)

Otu’han is the Lakota (Sioux) word translated as “giveaway.” Otu’han is a memorial and honoring gift program modeled after the tradition of the Indian giveaway in which items of value are gathered over a long period of time to be given away in honor of birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, and in memory of a departed loved one. Give now!

Tsanáhwit Circle (Monthly Giving)

Tsanáhwit is a Nez Perce word meaning equal justice. Tsanáhwit Circle members provide a regular source of income to NARF by pledging and making monthly contributions at any level of your choice. You may sign up to receive monthly pledge reminders in the mail or your credit card may be billed automatically. Sign up now online!

Endowment Contributions

NARF has two established endowments, the 21st Century Endowment and the Living Waters Endowment. The 21st Century Endowment is a permanent fund in which the principal is invested and interest income is used for NARF’s programs. The Living Waters Endowment directly funds the 21st Century Endowment. It allows donors to honor friends and loved ones by making an endowment gift of $10,000 or more. By designating a gift to either endowment, you can be sure that your contribution will continue to generate annual funds in perpetuity. Endowment supporters are recognized on a special wall plaque displayed at the headquarters of the Native American Rights Fund. Supporters also receive a memorial piece for their home and are acknowledged in NARF’s annual report. Please contact Don Ragona at (303) 447-8760.

Non-Cash Gifts

In the current climate of ever-changing tax laws and fluctuating investment market conditions, stock, bond or mutual fund gifts are an easy way to make a lasting contribution to the Native American Rights Fund. They may also provide contributors with significant tax benefits. For more information on gifts of stock or other securities, please contact Don Ragona at (303) 447-8760 or


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