Pawnee Nation College

NARF is participating in the historic birth of a tribal college. Walter Echo-Hawk is serving on the Board of Trustees of the Pawnee Nation College. During its second year of operation, in which numerous courses were offered to the student body, NARF assisted the College in developing a fund-raising strategy, securing pro bono counsel to obtain 501(c)(3) non-profit status for the new college, and other policy guidance from the Board of Trustees. As the third year commences, the college is focusing on completing work necessary to obtain accreditation and it continues fund-raising efforts for that purpose. In the Spring Semester of 2008, 43 students were enrolled in 15 classes being taught by a faculty of seven professors, including one full time professor. The college has completed 10 of 12 criteria necessary to receive accreditation. The college received a Department of Education grant of 2.5 million dollars over the next five years. This critical funding will assure successful completion of the accreditation process. NARF is proud to assist in this historic Indian education undertaking that is so vital to the human resources of Indian tribes in rural north central Oklahoma.

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