Eastern Shoshone Tribe, Wind River Indian Reservation Boundaries

Attorney: Donald R. Wharton

NARF has been retained by the Eastern Shoshone Tribe (EST) of the Wind River Indian Reservation to analyze the Surplus Land Act of March 3, 1905, and other legislation and cases, to determine their implications for the boundaries of the Reservation.

The EST and Northern Arapaho Tribe are cooperating in an application to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) for delegation of “treatment in the same manner as a state” (TAS) in the administration of certain Clean Air Act programs. A decision supporting delegation will require that US EPA determine the location of the boundaries of the Reservation. The TAS Application has been published by US EPA and they have received comments. The Tribes filed their Response to the comments in March 2010. US EPA requested a written opinion from the Department of the Interior on the boundaries which has been completed and forwarded to the US EPA. The Tribes are awaiting US EPA’s decision.

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